Volume Rising

by ZenSugar

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released January 31, 2011



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Track Name: Umoja (featuring Aesop aka TokyoSinz)
Silhouettes of peace, all cultures all beliefs combined within one mind to end humankind's griefs.
Yeah, I never thought I'd see car bombs, shootings, children with blown off arms.
How can I remain calm? Down pouring tears on my Qur'an...waiting for a psalm? While the destruction of earth is going on?
When is the second coming? Should I start running?
With death all around me, I learned to find life, in the most unlikely place a man's site. Even looks towards...it's proven, they only move forward if the goal is revolution.
Leaving the rest of us seeking restitution, from branches developed by the same ones abusing all of the godly unions. The tangible vision of amphibians swimming in oil, trees being de-rooted from soil, animals butchered for cuisine, we're spoiled.
Whatever happened to teach one each one, so each one can teach one not to live a lie, but be fruitful and multiply, through spiritual harvesting? Taliban marketing, enriching Uranium to build bombs Iranian, suicidal harboring, is not a life that's promising.
What about us? The people who aid the sick, the homeless, seeking atonement toward peace. I face the east...then I say my piece.
Eyes closed, palms touching with my chin up, "Bismi Allah", when man fails and gives up. I'm still here, so it's still clear, that despite all the problems we can persevere. If we stop looking for leaders in thee, I learned to be everything that's a leader in me.
Connecting mind, body and soul, setting purities free...

[CHORUS: Umoja. Come and stand by me. Huruma, amani. Umoja]

My elevation through meditation develops me into a man of discernment. No more concerns with impurites that flourish, like evil deeds can nourish any seed with a true sense of purpose?
The serpent lingers around all forbidden fruit, while I see a world chopping at the tree trying to get it by it's root.
And the way this globally affects our youth, is every child is lead further away from the truth that there's only one race, one love, one face, one blood, that isn't the origin of apes or any scientific debate. The level of hate that segregates humanity from it's divine fate, leaves environments in a sublime state, so starving children's calls go un-answered while separation of people spreads like a cancer.
My every word is meant for change like a mantra.
In hope tommorrow re-defines what we stand for: Let's lend more of a hand toward the neglected, raising the spirits of all the infected through love and affection to cure all oppression through...

[CHORUS: Umoja. Come and stand by me. Huruma, amani. Umoja]

Imagining equality with no extent, through Anne Leibowitz's lens, still framing Yoko and John.
If they could see beyond Vietnam then Israelis and Palestinians can reach a peaceful bond.
No more references like third world nations. No more racing to see who'll make a bigger bomb.
No more people dying over diamonds, this frame of mind I'm in, is like riding in on Judah's lion.
Touching all the hopeless with Buddha's palm, speaking in parables through Isa's tongue...building up Zion.
Everything in this world is based on timing and since it's of the essence of God's divine presence, how much longer will we wait to live in the likeness?
The sense of heightless bounds that mentally weighs us down until we forfeit all that's priceless...dreaming democracy instead of humanitarian.
It's all hypocrisy, but possibly if we would carry in a unified way of thinking, non-discriminating of any culture's way of living, would be the ultimate form of giving.


We all know peace is not something that's gonna come overnight, but it doesn't change the fact that we strive for it. It's something that needs to be fought for, worked hard for. Hope needs to be continued to be
developed. From Aesop to Hymnisphere, from SoHo to The Bay, sing it with us...

CHORUS: Harambee, harambee, harambee....